July 24, 2024
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Video: Good Samaritans Rescue Driver from Burning Car on Minnesota Highway

April 21, 2024



In a heart-stopping incident on the I-94 highway in Minnesota, a group of courageous individuals came together to rescue a driver trapped in his burning vehicle after a crash.

The driver found himself trapped inside the engulfed car, unable to escape, as flames raged around him. Good Samaritans, witnessing the perilous scene, sprang into action.

Despite facing the scorching heat and being hindered by the car door blocked by the guard rail, the group persisted in their efforts to save the trapped driver.

Their determination paid off when a highway worker intervened, smashing the window open and providing the crucial opening for the rescuers to pull the driver to safety.

Thanks to the swift and selfless actions of these heroes, the driver was spared from serious harm. He was subsequently transported to the hospital for evaluation, with gratitude to those who risked their own safety to save a life.

Watch Video below:


Credit: Collin Rugg/X

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