July 22, 2024
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“The Weight of a Hummingbird: Lighter Than a Penny!”

August 3, 2023

Photo Credit: Birds & Blooms

Introducing the Bee Hummingbird: World’s Tiniest Bird Weighs Less Than a Penny!

Weighing under 2 grams, the Bee Hummingbird claims the title of the smallest bird globally. To put this astonishing fact in perspective, consider that a penny, depending on its minting year, weighs between 3 to 4 grams. Even though some hummingbirds can reach up to 20 grams, the Bee Hummingbird defies expectations by clocking in at less than 10 percent of that weight, a mere 2 grams. Surprisingly, while lighter  than a penny, the Bee Hummingbird still outshines its coin counterpart in size. Its secret lies in hollow bones and delicate feathers, enabling it to maintain such a minuscule weight.

Source: NeedToKnowFacts


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