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Samson Sky Switchblade: A Street-Legal Flying Car Set to Land in Home Garages

November 11, 2023


In an exciting development for automotive enthusiasts, the Samson Sky Switchblade, a two-seat, street-legal vehicle, is gearing up to make its way into home garages. When in driving mode, the vehicle’s wings and tail neatly retract, giving it the appearance of a three-wheeled car.

With the capability to seamlessly transition from driving to flight mode in under three minutes, the Switchblade is designed to fit comfortably in a standard garage. However, prospective owners must hold a pilot’s license, and the flying car is restricted to operating in the airspace around airports.


Priced between $170,000 and $195,000, the Switchblade offers a unique blend of road and air travel, bringing the dream of personal flight one step closer for those with both the passion and means to take to the skies.


Credit: USA Today

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