July 13, 2024
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Rema’s ‘Calm Down’ Shatters Records as Africa’s Best-Selling Song Surpasses 20 Million Sales Milestone

February 19, 2024










Rema’s hit track ‘Calm Down’ has officially become Africa’s best-selling song, with a staggering 20 million sales and counting!

13x Platinum in India (1.56 million sales)

Diamond in Canada (800K)

8x Platinum in Australia (800K)

7x Platinum in Portugal (70K)

Diamond/5x Platinum in Poland (250K)

4x Platinum in Switzerland (80K)

3x Platinum in USA (3 million), Spain (180K)

2x Platinum in the UK (1.2 million),

Italy (200K),

Nigeria (200K),

Belgium (80K),

New Zealand (60K)

Platinum in Denmark (90K),

Greece (12K)

Gold in: Germany (200K),

The Netherlands (40K),

Austria (15K),

Greece (6K, original version)

Diamond in France (333,333)

Calm Down is eligible for

6x Platinum in USA (6 million sales)

7x Diamond in France (2.333 million),

Hungary (28K)

15x Platinum in India (1.8 million)

Diamond in Canada (800K),

Australia (700K),

Mexico (700K),

South Africa (200K)

3x Diamond in Brazil (480K)

20x Platinum in Portugal (200K)

Platinum in The Netherlands (80K),

Sweden (40K)

Gold in Norway (30K),

Argentina (10K),

Malaysia (7,500),

Singapore (5K)


Platinum in France (200K)

Silver in the UK (200K)

Gold in Switzerland (10K)


Gold in The Netherlands (40K),

France (100K),

Switzerland (10K)


2x Platinum in Nigeria (200K)

Gold in France (100K)


Platinum in Canada (80K),

Poland (20K),

(Switzerland (20K)

Gold in USA (500K)

France (50K),

Nigeria (25K),

Poland (10K)


Platinum in Nigeria (100K)


Platinum in Nigeria (100K)


Silver in the UK (200K)


Platinum in Spain (60K)


Gold in Spain (30K)

2x Latin Platinum in USA (120K)

Rave & Roses is eligible for Platinum in:

India (200K),

France (100K),

Brazil (40K),

South Africa (30K)

Gold in the UK (100K),

The Netherlands (20K),

Belgium (10K),

Portugal (7,500)

Charm is eligible for Gold in Switzerland (10K)

Gold in the UK (100K),

The Netherlands (20K),

US (15K),

Belgium (10K),

Portugal (7,500)

Bulabu is eligible for Gold in Mexico (70K)

Soundgasm is eligible for Gold in Canada (40K)

US SALES in June 2023

Dumebi (320K)

Soundgasm (260K)

Woman (150K)

Ginger Me (120K)

T & A (120K)

Bounce (75K)

Alien (25K)
































Credit: Africa Facts Zone/X

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