July 13, 2024
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Nigeria and Germany Launch Migrant Resource Center in Nasarawa for Controlled Labor Migration

February 6, 2024

Photo Credit: Nairametrics


Nigeria and Germany have joined forces to inaugurate a Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) in Ado, Nasarawa State. The establishment of this center marks a pivotal milestone in the partnership between the Nigerian Government and the German Center for International Cooperation (GiZ), aimed at fostering regulated labor migration within Nigeria.

Mrs. Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, hailed the opening of the center as a significant achievement in the ongoing cooperation with the German Government. She emphasized the center’s role in providing guidance on legal migration opportunities to Europe or within the region for employment or educational purposes.

Additionally, the Migrant Resource Centre is poised to play a vital role in assisting Nigerians returning from abroad, facilitating their reintegration into Nigerian society.

She said,

  • “We consider the center necessary due to the economic, political, and demographic facts which suggest that we are in the age of growing migration pressure.
  • “The Federal Ministry of Labour in partnership with GiZ, Centre for Migration Development (CMD), established the MRC in Ado.
  • “This is an advisory center for people wishing to migrate to Europe or within their region via regular channels to work or continue their education outside their countries.
  • “It is also an advisory center for people who have returned from Germany, Europe, or other countries and need support for reintegration to Nigeria.”

The Minister of State for Labour and Employment further unveiled the remarkable achievements of a program initiated in 2018 and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. She stated that, “Over the past few years, this initiative has extended individual support measures to an impressive total of 320,000 beneficiaries across Nigeria.”

“Among these beneficiaries, 37,600 individuals have secured employment opportunities, while 53,300 have received invaluable assistance for launching their own businesses. Additionally, 87,445 beneficiaries have benefited from various education and qualification programs, contributing to skill development and capacity building. Furthermore, 63,500 individuals have received counseling services, and 9,750 have received essential psychosocial support, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the program’s interventions.”

Minister Onyejeocha emphasized the pivotal role of Migrant Resource Centers (MRCs) in facilitating organized and lawful pathways for labor migration to Germany and other European countries. She underscored the potential of MRCs in fostering employment opportunities, particularly for Nigerian youths, thereby addressing unemployment challenges in the country.

Looking ahead, Nigeria and Germany are poised to strengthen their collaboration on regular labor migration pathways through Bilateral Labour Migration Agreements (BLMAs) or Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs). The minister proposed the establishment of additional MRCs across various geopolitical zones of Nigeria to bolster these efforts and expand access to support services.

Echoing these sentiments, German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Svenja Schulze, emphasized the importance of managing migration effectively for mutual benefit. Schulze highlighted the positive impact of migration on economic prosperity and emphasized its role in fostering stronger trade relationships between nations.



Credit: Nairametrics

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