February 26, 2024
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Gen Z Voters Express Anger and Fear, Accuse Trump of Letting Them Down on Healthcare

November 29, 2023








A coalition of young voter groups said they are “furious and frightened” after Donald Trump revived his attacks on the Affordable Care Act.

“Trump means every word he says, and our generation hears him loud and clear. He wants to repeal the law that provides health care coverage for millions of us under 26 years old,” the seven groups wrote in a joint statement Wednesday.

Trump said on Saturday o his social media platform Truth Social that he is “seriously looking at alternatives” to the health care law known as Obamacare. The former president followed this up with another post Wednesday: “I don’t want to terminate Obamacare, I want to REPLACE IT with MUCH BETTER HEALTHCARE.”

The comments have raised concerns among young voters who are worried about the popular Obamacare provision that guarantees young adults receive health insurance coverage under their parents’ plans until age 26.

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign has seized on the chance to highlight Trump’s position on health care, including with a conference call with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat.

In a statement to USA TODAY, Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz said, “The last thing young people entering the workforce and beginning their career should have to worry about is being kicked off their parents’ health insurance — but that’s exactly what Donald Trump wants to let happen if he’s given a second term.”

Health care ranks as a top concern for voters in their teens and twenties, according to recent polling. Jack Lobel, national press secretary for Voters of Tomorrow, said the issue spans the political spectrum.

“It’s a priority for Americans, no matter who they often vote for, no matter where they live, no matter their political affiliation. We all need health care,” Lobel told USA TODAY. “So anyone who opposes that right is failing us. And that’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing. He is failing the young generation.”










Culled from USA Today

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