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“Discovering the Secrets to a Long and Happy Life from My 95-Year-Old Grandfather”

September 8, 2023

Mika Cribbs shares the “Eight Essential Habits for a Long and Joyful Life Shared by her 95-Year-Old Japanese Grandfather, a Former Cardiologist” below:








This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to visit my 95-year-old grandfather in his charming hometown of Osaka, Japan. My motivation was twofold: to spend cherished moments with him and to uncover the secrets behind his remarkable health and happiness.

My grandfather, a retired cardiologist, has always been a beacon of inspiration with his creative outlook and purposeful lifestyle. He embodies the essence of graceful aging, and I couldn’t wait to share his wisdom with all of you.

Here, I present his eight unwavering principles for a fulfilling and joyful life:

1. Embrace the Morning Walk My grandparents are early birds, rising before the sun at 5 a.m. to embark on their daily morning stroll. This invigorating habit typically covers 7,000 steps, whether they’re exploring mountain trails or circling their neighborhood. Starting the day with physical activity sets a tone of strength and vitality.

2. A Mindful Workout Routine Following his walk, my grandfather engages in a carefully tailored workout. His routine includes stretching, strength training, and balancing exercises. What’s noteworthy is his flexibility in choosing exercises based on his abilities, ensuring he stays active without overexertion.








3. Stay Connected with Loved Ones After his workout, he dives into the world of social media, connecting with family and friends on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Maintaining strong relationships, especially in the digital age, is essential for emotional well-being and combatting loneliness, a common issue among older adults.

4. Chronicle Your Journey Since 2014, my grandfather has devoted a few minutes each day to write about his thoughts and experiences on his blog, accumulating over 1,000 posts. This blog is a testament to the power of consistency and serves as a reminder of the value of small, daily actions.

5. Cultivate Artistry My grandfather is a talented artist who dedicates time each day to create a self-portrait. Through his art, he gains a deeper understanding of himself, demonstrating the importance of introspection and self-expression in a fast-paced world.

6. Embrace New Hobbies During the pandemic, he ventured into gardening, inspired by the flora he encountered during his walks. Additionally, at my grandmother’s suggestion, he took up playing the recorder, a woodwind instrument. This adventurous spirit highlights the vitality of lifelong learning and a willingness to embrace new experiences.

7. Recharge with Naps To maintain his energy levels, my grandfather takes multiple naps throughout the day. His self-awareness in recognizing when to rest has significantly contributed to his longevity.








8. Savor the Pleasures of Life Despite his active lifestyle, my grandfather enjoys life’s indulgences, relishing red meats, cheeses, and fine wines. Balanced with the inclusion of vegetables in his homecooked Japanese meals, his dietary choices showcase the importance of moderation and enjoying life’s pleasures.

In Japan, we cherish the concept of “ikigai” or “sense of purpose.” My grandfather’s journey illustrates that there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for health and happiness. Instead, it’s about discovering your unique purpose and pursuing it with care, intention, and boundless joy.

Mika Cribbs

Credit: CNBC

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