July 21, 2024
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Cultural Unrest Among Amazonian Marubo Tribe Following Internet Introduction

June 5, 2024




Nine months ago, the Marubo tribe in Brazil celebrated gaining internet access through Starlink, seeing it as a beacon of progress. However, this digital lifeline has brought unforeseen challenges, triggering significant cultural upheaval.

The influx of the internet has introduced social issues previously unseen within the tribe, particularly among the youth. Elders like Tsainama Marubo, 73, have observed a worrying decline in traditional activities, with young members increasingly drawn to pornography and social media, leading to addiction and a growing cultural divide.

In an effort to preserve their heritage, tribal leaders have begun restricting internet use. Yet, concerns linger about the lasting impact on the tribe’s customs and the potential erosion of their rich oral histories.

This situation highlights the intricate balance required when modern technology meets remote communities, underscoring both its benefits and its challenges.





Source: NY POST

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