July 21, 2024
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CBP’s New Beagle Detects Infested Beans and Exotic Nigerian Foods at Atlanta Airport

June 19, 2024




The newest canine member of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) team made an impressive debut on May 10 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Flash, a recently rescued beagle, and the latest addition to CBP’s Beagle Brigade, showcased his exceptional detection skills by identifying and aiding in the seizure of various prohibited food items from travelers.

Trained to sniff out agricultural products that could pose significant threats to U.S. agriculture, Flash quickly demonstrated his value. On his first day, he alerted a CBP Agriculture Specialist to the luggage of a passenger arriving from Nigeria. The ensuing inspection revealed a trove of prohibited items, including infested beans, cow skin, herbs, soup mix, seeds, wood, and yams. Further inspections uncovered fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat products from other passengers, all of which were seized and destroyed to prevent potential pest and disease threats.

The Beagle Brigade is an integral part of CBP’s efforts to safeguard the nation’s agriculture. The use of agriculture detection dogs like Flash is a critical component of the CBP’s strategy to protect the country’s natural resources. These dogs are trained to detect and identify a wide range of agricultural products that could carry harmful pests or diseases.

“Flash’s success on his first day is a testament to the vital role that agriculture detection dogs play in our mission,” said a CBP spokesperson. “Their ability to detect and intercept prohibited items is crucial in preventing the introduction of harmful pests and diseases into the U.S.”

The daily efforts of CBP agriculture specialists are substantial. Nationwide, these specialists seize an average of 2,677 prohibited plants, meat, animal byproducts, and soil, and intercept 240 insect pests. The work of the Beagle Brigade, exemplified by Flash’s first day on the job, highlights the ongoing importance of protecting U.S. agriculture from international threats.


Credit: WSBTV 2

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