July 20, 2024
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Breastfeeding Widow Dies at Benue IDP Camp

April 22, 2024

In a heart-wrenching incident at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp in Abagena, Benue State, tragedy struck as a 35-year-old mother of six, Hembadoon Tarhemba, collapsed and passed away.

Hembadoon, who had sought refuge at the camp following the tragic loss of her husband to gunmen, was described as a dedicated mother striving to provide for her six children amidst adversity. She who was from Tse Uhembe, Yogbo, in Mbagwen village had stayed in the camp for the past seven years.

According to Esther Oota, the immediate-past woman leader of the camp, Hembadoon ventured into the nearby bush with two other women to gather firewood for her family’s breakfast. In a cruel twist of fate, she collapsed while in the process of breaking the firewood, despite the efforts of fellow camp members to revive her.



The news of Hembadoon’s demise has left the camp community reeling with grief, especially considering the plight of her under one-year-old twins, Alia and Mimidoo, whom she leaves behind. The twins, named after the state governor on the day of their birth, now face an uncertain future, relying on the care of their siblings and an IDP foster mother in the camp.

Eyewitnesses visiting the family described the twins’ condition as dire, emphasizing their urgent need for assistance to prevent further deterioration. Calls have been made to the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and other humanitarian organizations to intervene promptly and provide support for the orphaned children, particularly Alia and Mimidoo, whose lives hang in the balance.

“I want to appeal to the leadership of SEMA and all well-meaning Nigerians, civil society organisations as well as faith-based organisations to come to the aid of the children Hembadoon left behind as orphans, especially the twins, Alia and Mimidioo without delay,” the Good Samarithan stated.

According to Leadership, efforts to reach SEMA boss James Iorpuu for comment were unsuccessful. SEMAs absence and unresponsiveness have added to the frustration of those seeking assistance for the grieving family left behind.

As the community mourns the loss of Hembadoon Tarhemba, attention now turns to ensuring that her children, especially the vulnerable twins, receive the care and support they desperately need in this time of crisis.


Credit: Leadership

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