July 22, 2024
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15-Year-Old Nigerian Whiz Kid in the UK, Chika Ofili, Receives Special Recognition for Uncovering New Mathematical Divisibility Formula

December 24, 2023










In a remarkable feat of intellect and determination, 15-year-old Chika Ofili, a Nigerian prodigy based in the UK, has garnered widespread acclaim for his groundbreaking contribution to the world of mathematics. This young mathematician recently received a Special Recognition Award in acknowledgment of his remarkable discovery—a new formula for divisibility by 7.

Chika’s journey into the realm of mathematics began at an early age, fueled by a passion for numbers and problem-solving. His inquisitive mind led him to explore uncharted territories within the subject, ultimately leading to the formulation of a groundbreaking divisibility formula.

The mathematical community has eagerly embraced Chika’s discovery, recognizing the significance of his achievement at such a young age. The Special Recognition Award bestowed upon him serves as a testament to the potential of young minds to make substantial contributions to their respective fields.
























Credit: Nigeria Stories

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