April 21, 2024
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Zamfara Governor Calls for Investigation into “Secretive Negotiations” with Bandits

September 25, 2023

In the wake of persistent bandit attacks in Zamfara State, Governor Dauda Lawal has urged the Federal Government to initiate an immediate and comprehensive investigation into what he has termed “secretive negotiations” with bandits in the State. Reports have emerged suggesting that a delegation, purportedly representing federal agencies, has been engaging in talks with bandit groups in Zamfara without the State Government’s knowledge.








In a statement released on Monday by his spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, Governor Lawal expressed deep concern over the actions of federal agencies involved in negotiations with bandits without coordination with the State Government and local security forces.

The governor’s statement underscored the need for the Federal Government to clarify the actions of these unnamed agencies, which appear to contradict Zamfara State’s commitment to a kinetic strategy in combating banditry.

In part, the statement read: “Governor Dauda Lawal wishes to call on the Federal Government to clarify and investigate the actions of some unscrupulous elements sabotaging the ongoing fight against banditry in Zamfara. The Zamfara State

Government has received reports of how some Federal Government delegation met with different bandit groups in Birnin Magaji, Maradun, Mun haye, Ajah, Bawo, and Bagege.”

It continued: “Previous administrations in the State failed to achieve positive outcomes in their attempts to engage in dialogue with bandits. We must learn from these past mistakes and adopt a new approach to restore peace in Zamfara. The Zamfara State Government has taken a firm stance from the beginning – we will not negotiate with these criminals.”

Governor Lawal emphasized that the fight against banditry remains a top priority for Zamfara State, and there can be no compromises in these efforts. He urged the Federal Government to take swift action by terminating the ongoing negotiations with the bandits in Zamfara, as it undermines the progress made so far.

This call by Governor Lawal raises important questions about the coordination of anti-banditry efforts between state and federal authorities, and it will be closely watched as the situation develops.

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