April 16, 2024
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You’re a devil, we don’t carry out incantations using people’s names – Celestial Church fires back at Pst. Ibiyeomie

June 21, 2023

Pastor David Ibiyeomie revealed his hatred for the white garment churches, to which the Celestial Church of Christ responded via its official Instagram page.

During a church session, Salvation Ministries’ founder, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, informed the congregation that white garment prophets do incantations by using people’s names.

He stated that a prophet might invoke someone’s name while it was soaked in a bottle of gin, and they would then proceed to chant until they were struck and drunk without drinking any alcohol.

The Celestial Church of Christ responded to this by denying the pastor’s claims regarding the white garment churches on its own Instagram profile, known as celestialgeneration.

They claim that alcohol consumption is forbidden by the celestial church because it has a negative impact on the presence of holy spirits.

Another Celestial profile on Instagram with the handle cccworldwide1 also criticizes Pastor David Ibiyeomie, saying that he lies to people and is not a real man of God but rather the devil.

celestialgeneration wrote; “Pastor David Ibiyiomie of the salvation ministries in a viral video professed his hatred for white garment churches.He adduced his reasons to the fact that some ‘cele’prophets according to him ‘put the name of people’s children in kaikai and chant incantations(demonic psalms according to him)prophesying that those children never amounts to anything by being alcoholics.

Well cele is not a generic name for white garment churches and there are denominations even in white garment churches,so only him knows the white garment prophet he encountered where the name of his children were dipped in a gin.

In every celestial church parishes, every service days,It is always read to the hearing of everyone how the church forbids alcohol drinking as the odour of it repugns the presence of the holyspirit which is copiously enshrined in the constitution of the church.Hence every prophet worth his salt in CCC abhors alcohol as a drink muchless as a spiritual formulae for any kind of prayer.
Aside that,the bible as a compendium has just a book of psalms which is 150 page.Having being privileged to read that book from the beginning to the end,i didn’t come across any part of it that can be classified as ‘demonic’ according to Papa Ibiyiomie,perhaps one need to enrol in salvation ministries bible school to be taught how psalms are used for demonic purposes.
Pentecostal pastors have made it a pasttime to froth in the mouth despising white garment churches and their practises.whereas many of the practise,they now regard as charismatics were practises popularised by these white garment churches that they themselves have copied,even though they once criticized them.

Meanwhile when it comes to unwholesome christian practises,they themselves have torpedoed the unscrupulous ones in our white garment churches as they now top the chart in religious scandals outthere in the public domain
Just recently, many of their colleagues were falling over themselves dishing out one false prophecy after the other about the recently concluded election,a move that turned the church to a butt of jokes in our nation.
Papa Ibiyiomie,himself was guilty here and he has never deemed it fit as a prominent.

cccworldwide1 wrote; “I put to you that you’re NOT a true man of GOD and you definitely worship your father, the devil! CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST is NOTHING CLOSE to what you said. May GOD forgive you and open your eyes.”

Watch the clip using the link below:




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