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“You have turned me into a celebrity” – Hilda Baci’s mother showers her daughter with encouragement

May 15, 2023

Mother of Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, has joined the group of supporters gathering around her daughter as she is ready to smash a culinary world record.

Hilda Baci, who has already cooked for more than 70 hours, is keen to shatter Chef Lata London’s current record of 87 hours, 45 minutes for the longest cooking period.

Hilda’s mother was also present, encouraging her daughter and imploring with her to succeed in her quest to shatter the Guinness World Records.









Hilda’s mother said;

“Hilda, are you there? I love you so much and I am not bothered because I know you are going to win this. You have never failed in life.

You are a baby of soft life but I know this one is not soft but it is going to earn you better soft life. I remember when you said mummy anything I achieve now is for you so you are going to achieve this for me.

You have turned me into a celebrity. Monday will be the best day of my life because you are going to end this Monday.” “Get it done. If not for anyone, for mummy. I love you. We love you. You are going to do this.” (Yabaleft)

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