April 14, 2024
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Why I quit UN job to become a pastor – Jerry Eze

June 25, 2023

Convener of the popular New Season Prophetic Prayers (NSPPD), Pastor Jerry Eze has revealed why he quit his lucrative job with the United Nations (UN) to become a pastor.

In an interview with The Punch, he said he took the decision because he believed it was his purpose and he could not disobey divine mandate.

Eze, who is also the Lead Pastor of Streams of Joy International,  “I realised that there could not be any higher calling than the call of God on one’s life. So, I came to the reality that purpose would always trump any human satisfaction at any time.

“It was extremely compelling to fulfil the desire of God for my life. When I weighed what I wanted and what God wanted me to do, I realised that destiny was much more important than what I wanted to do for myself.

“I left the secular job to do the work of God. Meanwhile, at a time there was nothing exciting about it (the job).

“I knew I had a mandate to fulfil for a generation waiting to hear my voice.”

Asked how he knew the time was right, Eze said, “Everything about it suggested that it was the right time. I actually felt a level of discomfort with where I was, so the satisfaction was no longer there.

“My mum was very instrumental to who I have become. It was a season when the voice of my mum kept resonating very strongly in my heart. She passed on shortly after that. She kept telling me that the job I was doing was not the will of God for my life. Of course, I had always argued with her. But, as soon as she passed on, the reality hit me that she was correct all along.”



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