May 29, 2024
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Wayne Brady Opens Up About His Pansexuality and Journey of Self-Discovery

August 8, 2023






Popular TV host Wayne Brady revealed his pansexuality in a candid interview with People on Monday. The 51-year-old “Let’s Make a Deal” host explained that he identifies as pansexual, meaning he’s attracted to individuals regardless of their gender or sex. He further described it as having an open mind towards bisexuality.

Brady’s revelation comes as he embarks on a “path to self-discovery,” documenting his blended family’s life in a reality show scheduled to premiere on Hulu next year.

While grappling with his own sexual identity, Brady felt that the term “bisexual” didn’t fully encompass his feelings. He chose to identify as pansexual because, to him, it represents being attracted to people across a wide spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities.

The tragic suicide of Robin Williams in 2014 had a profound impact on Brady, leading him to reflect on his own life and become an advocate for mental health awareness. He acknowledged the challenges of caring about others’ opinions while striving to embrace his true self.

Brady’s journey of self-acceptance prompted him to address aspects of his past that he had suppressed or ignored. The post also attempted to contact Brady’s representatives for their input on his revelation.

The “Dancing with the Stars” alum has been married twice before, but his love life has largely remained private. Brady spoke about the misconceptions people have about him and the balance between personal privacy and self-discovery.

Brady’s disclosure marks a significant step forward in his journey, even though he acknowledged that societal pressures and personal upbringing influenced his reluctance to fully acknowledge his attractions to certain men.









His ex-wife, Mandie Taketa, whom he shares a 20-year-old daughter with, was among the first to know about his pansexuality. She supported his decision to come out, emphasizing the importance of his happiness.

Brady, Taketa, and their daughter, along with Taketa’s partner and their child, are in the process of filming a reality series that provides a glimpse into their lives. The show is set to air on Hulu with eight episodes planned.

Source: New York Post

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