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Venita spreading falsehood against the Tiv people. She needs to provide evidence or apologize publicly

September 17, 2023

The liar is Venita!

According to Venita, a current housemate on the renowned reality TV series Big Brother Naija Allstars, the Tiv tribe welcomes visitors by offering their ladies for sex.

On several social media channels, this has drawn much criticism and reaction from a number of sources.

The iNewsZone media crew has been monitoring the flood of messages as they are dropped.

In a Facebook post, T Jay Orafa said that he and a group of friends had immediately provided N10,180,000 to be awarded to anyone who could verify or substantiate what the Big Brother housemate claimed.

“We want to see that one individual,” he said, “who has experienced this so-called “Tiv hospitality.”

This is an effort to uphold the nation of the Tiv’s honour and reputation, particularly that of our ladies. The offer will be available for a full year.

Mav Doosh, in another post said;

Because it was a fiction and a fallacy, it had nothing to do with stereotypes or tradition.

According to her, “As an Ardent BBN fan, I totally condemn “Venbitter’s” continual maligning of the Tiv people by claiming that they give out their wives to strangers.”

“You cannot keep spreading false information without providing evidence.”

“It’s important to take Venita seriously when she claims that the Tiv people welcome visitors by offering their wives for sex.”

On the other hand, Mr Bem Aga has started an online campaign to have her apologize publicly.

He claimed that during the entertainment show, the housemate was spotted feeding people misinformation rather than generating excitement and creating content.

She “have crossed the line” by making extremely concerning misogynist remarks and disseminating unacceptable ethnicity-related misinformation, in his view.

This petition asks the Big Brother Naija Allstars producers to summon Venita Akpofure, one of the contestants, to order for remarks she has made on at least two occasions. Venita has been spreading false information about how the Tiv people of Benue state lend their brides to visitors for their sex needs without providing a shred of evidence. I am Tiv, and I can attest to the impossibility of this.

A filtration system should be in place for a public broadcast like BBN to identify and address problems of this sort right away, but alas, this has not been the case.

“I observed that Seyi Awolowo’s misogynistic comments that he was training his sons to sexually care for girls was not acted upon until the public outcry that followed,” he continued.

“In a similar vein, Venita’s remarks have not yet been addressed. The BBN organisers and pertinent government regulating bodies ought to carry with their duties.”

He has requested that Venita either present facts to support her accusations or offer a sincere apologies for this unnecessary affront to the Tiv people.
“This insult on one of the biggest tribes in Nigeria will only sow discord,” he warned.

According to him, this is a classic instance of false information and fake news, which violates the Nigerian Broadcasting Code (NBC) and other regulations.
Regardless of the individual goals we believe we are making progress towards, he emphasised that we should appreciate and respect one another.
“No tribe should be humiliated with these kinds of prejudices” he said.

Within minutes of its inception, the online petition had already gathered more than 50 signatures at the time this article was made.

Another online petition created by a beautiful Hanmation Devaan has garnered over 2500 signatures and counting.

She said, “while Akpofure is not the first to voice such claims, we certainly hope she will be the last to do so, at least publicly”.

She further said, “ As Tiv people, we have grown weary of such accusations. There’s a saying that even a goat will retaliate when cornered. Over time, our genuine hospitality, which might appear unusual to other ethnic groups, has made us a target of a malicious commentary regarding our marital practices.”

Devaan said, “Our kindness has been painted in negative shades fueled by prejudice. It is one thing for individuals to share thoughtless jokes privately, but entirely something else for a platform like Big Brother Nigeria “All Stars” edition to allow its reach to be used for promoting divisive sentiments.”

It is public knowledge that Ms Venita Akpofure was married to a Tiv man. Her ex-husband comes from the very distinguished Tarkaa lineage and their union did produce two beautiful daughters.

Venita is still a housemate inside the BBN house and cannot be contacted to clear the air.

The iNewsZone media team has been tracking the widespread indignation and will keep you updated on the situation.


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