July 20, 2024
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Troubled Abuja Chinese Supermarket Found Pricing Products in Yen, Discriminating Against Nigerians

April 28, 2024




The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has unveiled shocking revelations about the discriminatory practices and pricing irregularities at a prominent Abuja-based Chinese supermarket. Dr. Adamu Abdullahi, the Acting Executive Vice Chairman of the FCCPC, disclosed in a recent interview with Channels TV that the supermarket, previously under fire for discriminatory actions against Nigerians, had all its products priced in Chinese yen instead of the Nigerian naira.

Abdullahi emphasized the magnitude of the discovery, stating, “All the products are labelled in yen, and that is the only currency accepted in the supermarket, yen. That is completely against the law in Nigeria. You don’t sell products in foreign currency. Everything sold in Nigeria should be in Nigerian currency.”

The discriminatory practices were further confirmed as Abdullahi revealed that Nigerian residents were denied entry into the supermarket, with only Chinese nationals granted access. In response to these findings, the FCCPC is taking decisive action to address the violations.

“We have now instructed that the owner must put up a notice that says everybody can go into the supermarket and shop. We are discussing with her to put things right,” Abdullahi stated.

Furthermore, the FCCPC is poised to impose sanctions on the erring supermarket, signaling a firm stance against discrimination. Abdullahi affirmed that punitive measures would include hefty fines, with the company forfeiting 10% of its turnover from last year’s sales.

“There will be fines and then 10% turnover from the company’s last year’s sales,” Abdullahi declared. “Bad behaviour such as discrimination leads to consequences, and the commission will ensure that they apply the full wrath of the law.”

The crackdown on the supermarket follows a series of events triggered by allegations of discriminatory practices against Nigerians. FCCPC officials sealed the premises on Monday, April 22, 2024, in response to a viral video showcasing the discriminatory conduct.

Boladale Adeyinka, FCCPC’s Director for Surveillance and Investigation, shed light on the enforcement exercise, affirming the commission’s commitment to upholding consumer rights and tackling discriminatory behavior.

“The essence of the surveillance and investigation that we conducted today is to verify the allegations and the content of that viral video,” Adeyinka explained. “The summons means that on entering into these premises they must see the summon because that is how they gain access to it.”



Credit: Nairametrics

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