April 19, 2024
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July 2, 2023

It pays to be a Travis Scott fan in the front row, especially if you can match his energy and recite his lyrics — ’cause the dude might just throw you a bone … like he did for this bloke.

The rapper was overseas this weekend, performing at Rolling Loud in the Netherlands … where he was at a 10 in terms of the hype and throttle. At one point during his set, he came down to the front row to mingle with the crowd, and one dude caught his eye.

The reason … this fella was rapping TS’s own lyrics right back to him, seemingly perfectly and just as animated as Travis too — almost like they were mirroring each other, really.

Watch what happens next … Trav appears to be impressed by the fact that the fan was able to keep up, so he rewards him on the spot. He literally yanks his shirt off — an unreleased “Utopia” tee, it seems — and hands it to the kid … and ditto for the shoes off his feet.

You can see a bunch of others in the immediate area trying to get their grubby paws on the stuff, but Travis makes sure it gets into the hands of the person it was all intended for.

BTW, the shoes also appear to be fairly unique — not only are they Jordans that Travis had personally worn, but they seem to be similar (if not identical) to the custom “Utopia” Nike sneakers that he was recently rocking … when he had his album handcuffed to a bodyguard.


Culled from TMZ

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