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Transportation Minister’s Surprise Visit to Abuja Train Station Highlights Concerns, Possible Action Against NRC MD

August 28, 2023

Saidu Alkali, the Minister of Transportation, made an unannounced visit to the Idu Train Station in Abuja, where he brought to light various issues and indicated that disciplinary measures might be taken against the Managing Director of the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC).

During the impromptu visit, Minister Alkali conducted a personal inspection of the train coaches and uncovered several pressing matters that required immediate attention. He expressed his concern over the well-being of the security escorts, revealing that their allowances had not been disbursed for the past five months.

Alkali revealed, “I received a complaint from the security escorts that in the last five months their allowances were not paid, and I am happy that the MD of NRC is appearing before the ministry on Tuesday to brief. So, if he comes I am now well informed the lifts and

escalators aren’t working, which makes it very difficult for the elderly and the disabled persons to use the train for travelling.”

In light of the identified issues and challenges, the Minister hinted at the possibility of taking disciplinary action against the Managing Director of the Nigeria Railway Corporation. This potential action reflects the commitment of the ministry to address and rectify the concerns raised during the visit.

Credit: Lilian Ukagwu

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