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Tragic way parents discovered daughter’s death: ‘I never expected it’

May 31, 2023

Olya Dokhotaru and Denis Thievin have spoken out after discovering the devastating news.

The parents of a young mum found dead in her Sydney apartment almost a day after she called for help while in an alleged domestic violence incident have spoken out, hoping to get answers about her death.

Tatiana Dokhotaru’s body was found at her Liverpool apartment on Saturday night. Her partner Danny Zayat was arrested at the scene.

Her parents, Olya Dokhotaru and Denis Thievin, live in Canada. They knew someone thing was terribly wrong when they didn’t hear from their 34-year-old daughter for a few days.

“We knew something had to have been wrong,” Denis told 7NEWS. “We knew that.”

“It was the baby’s birthday,” Olya said. “Our grandson’s birthday.”

Tatiana’s parents’ grief is immeasurable.

“I’m lost,” Olya said. “I’m lost, big time.

“That girl, she was extremely happy.

“A happy, strong woman.

“I never expected to hear news like that.”

Olya and Denis remember their only daughter, who they call Tania, as a loving daughter, mother and friend.

Her mother remembers her at Christmas, with lights covering the tree and presents everywhere.

“This is our Tania.”

About 11.45pm on Friday she called police to report that she was allegedly being assaulted by Zayat.

It took police three hours to respond to Tatiana’s call for help, and they left after they were unable to access the building.

Her body was not found until about 8pm on Saturday night.

The incident was not labelled a top priority in the police system, contributing to the delay.

Adding to their immense hurt, Olya and Denis found out about their daughter’s death through social media.

There was no call from police to inform them of her death.

“We uncovered the terrible news ourselves,” Denis said. “By going online and checking our social media.”

Olya doesn’t understand how police left after her daughter asked for help.

“It’s so confusing,” she said.

“How is it possible? “How is it possible to do that?”

Denis said it was hard to think about the political or systemic shortfalls regarding his daughter’s death.

“It’s too late for that, we’ve lost her.

“Had they responded in a timely manner, Tania may be alive today.

“But surely, it could have been done better than it was.”

He plans to travel to Australia so he can meet with investigators.

Tania’s parents also want to bring their daughter home to Canada.

Response under investigation

Both Dokhotaru’s death and the police response to her call are currently under investigation.

Police have not said how long they spent searching the Pinnacle Towers when they responded to the initial call.

They have declared it a critical incident and will be investigating why that triple-0 call was placed in the wrong category.

Zayat, 28, has been charged with domestic violence offences, including stalking/intimidating intending fear of physical etc harm, contravening prohibition/restriction in AVO and destroying or damaging property.

Police have not ruled out that more serious charges may be laid.

He appeared at Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday where he was refused bail.

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