July 21, 2024
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Tragic Parachute Failure in Pattaya

March 12, 2024



Pattaya, Thailand, January 29, 2024 – In a tragic incident that has sent shockwaves through the extreme sports community, a seasoned British stuntman, Nathy Odinson, 33, lost his life after a parachute failure during an unauthorized stunt in Pattaya, Thailand. The stunt, which involved jumping from the 29th floor of a building, ended fatally when his parachute did not deploy correctly.

Odinson, hailing from Cambridgeshire, was known for his adventurous spirit and had completed over 5,000 jumps across the globe. His latest stunt, carried out late Saturday night, was meant to be another feather in his cap. However, it turned deadly when he decided to climb a 29-storey building in Pattaya’s coastal resort area and jump, without legal permission.



The event was captured on video by a friend of Odinson, a local Thai, who posted the footage on social media. The video chillingly records Odinson counting down “three, two, one, see you later” before leaping. The aftermath of the jump was harrowing, as the sound of Odinson crashing into a tree and then hitting the ground can be heard. At the scene, images circulated showing a poignant aftermath: a blue parachute lying useless on the pavement next to a hard hat.


The stunt’s tragic end was attributed to a critical error in the deployment of the mini-pilot parachute, which became entangled in Odinson’s harness. Ed Harrison, Odinson’s elder brother, conveyed that this malfunction left “no chance” for the main parachute to deploy. Despite Odinson’s vast experience, this fatal error cost him his life.



Police Lieutenant Kamolporn Nadee, Assistant Inspector of Investigation at the Bang Lamung District Police Station, detailed to the Daily Mirror that the parachute failed to function as intended, not aligning centrally upon deployment. This malfunction highlights the inherent risks involved in extreme sports and unauthorized stunts, underscoring the fine line between thrill-seeking and safety.

Odinson’s death serves as a somber reminder of the dangers faced by stunt performers and extreme sports enthusiasts. It underscores the importance of stringent safety measures and the need for legal compliance in conducting such activities, to prevent future tragedies in the pursuit of adrenaline.



Credit: Alldisturbing


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