June 22, 2024
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Tinubu: U.S. killings worse than Nigeria’s; 20,000 killed in five months, APC tells Amnesty International

June 15, 2023

The All Progressives Congress has berated Amnesty International for raising the alarm over incessant killings in Nigeria, claiming about 20,000 people were killed in five months in America.

Peoples Gazette confirmed 19,411 deaths due to gun violence in the United States as of Thursday noon. Out of that figure, over 10,956 of the deaths were by suicide. Eight thousand four hundred fifty-five were recorded as homicide, murder, unintentional and defensive gun use.

Amnesty International decried incessant killings nationwide since President Bola Tinubu assumed office on May 29, estimating the number of deaths across Plateau, Benue, Sokoto and Zamfara to be over 120.

APC spokesman Felix Morka, in a statement dated June 14, circulated by Bayo Onanuga, an ally of Mr Tinubu, accused Amnesty International of hypocrisy.

“Amnesty International should allow this government to do its work without their usual condescending hypocrisy. It is, therefore, uncharitable and inconsiderate of Amnesty International, through its acting Nigeria Country Director, Isa Sanusi, to accuse the new government that is just settling down of dereliction of duty,” the ruling party’s statement said.

The APC added, “Many nations in the world, including the United States of America, are today bedevilled by insecurity. By the end of May 2023, almost 20,000 people have died cumulatively as a result of gun violence and other violent crimes in America. In the first 150 days of 2023, America has recorded 263 mass shootings, with hundreds of death, yet Amnesty International has not been on the mountain top to accuse the U.S. government of dereliction of duty.”

According to APC, Amnesty International is known for stoking internal conflict and citizen antagonism in developing nations through weaponisation and accentuation of local situations to achieve its sinister objectives while hypocritically looking the other way when similar incidents occur in developed nations, especially in the Western world.

Peoples Gazette reported that at least 80 people were killed in different attacks by bandits and gunmen nationwide in Mr Tinubu’s first week in government.

Meanwhile, Mr Tinubu, yet to appoint a spokesperson, has not commented on the killings under his watch.

In his inaugural speech, the president listed security as his government’s top priority.

“Security shall be the top priority of our administration because neither prosperity nor justice can prevail amidst insecurity and violence. To effectively tackle this menace, we shall reform both our security doctrine and its architecture,” Mr Tinubu said.

(Peoples Gazette)

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