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Tinubu Administration Revises Cash Transfer Program in Response to Public Criticism

July 19, 2023

Following widespread public criticism and concern, the Tinubu administration has announced a revision of the N8,000 cash transfer program, which was intended to provide relief to vulnerable households affected by the recent removal of petrol subsidy. Presidential spokesman Dele Alake issued a statement on Tuesday, highlighting President Tinubu’s commitment to dialogue with Nigerians and prioritize their welfare and security under the Renewed Hope Agenda.

Initially, the Federal Government proposed implementing a conditional cash transfer initiative that would grant N8,000 monthly for six months to 12 million households among the poorest of the poor. However, the President has emphasized that this cash program is just one part of a broader range of relief measures designed to ease the burden on Nigerians resulting from the subsidy removal.

In response to the public’s concerns, the President has directed the revision of the cash transfer program and the unveiling of the entire range of government palliative packages to Nigerians. Alake emphasized President Tinubu’s commitment to dialogue with Nigerians and stated that the government believes in the principle of providing alternatives when implementing prohibitions.

The President has also directed the immediate release of fertilizers and grains to approximately 50 million farmers and households in all the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Alake further assured Nigerians that the N500 billion approved by parliament to cushion the impact of the end of the subsidy regime will be utilized judiciously.

It is reiterated that the beneficiaries of these reliefs will be Nigerians, irrespective of their ethnic, religious, or political affiliation. President Tinubu is committed to prioritizing the well-being of Nigerians and has demonstrated this through various decisions taken by his administration.

In the past, the President responded to complaints from the business community by signing executive orders to cancel certain classes of taxes and suspend the implementation dates of others. Additionally, a Tax Reform/Fiscal Policy Committee was established to recommend measures that would create a favorable fiscal environment for the country and remove barriers to business.

Alake assured Nigerians that President Tinubu remains a listening leader who values the views expressed by the citizenry. He believes that the government exists to cater to the interests of the people, and his commitment to their welfare and security remains steadfast.

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