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Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Drops $30 Million Lawsuit Against His Estate

July 19, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ former girlfriend, has dropped her lawsuit seeking $30 million in damages from the golf star’s estate, as revealed by court documents obtained by The Post. The lawsuit alleged that Woods unlawfully evicted her from his Florida mansion following their breakup. However, Herman has dismissed the case while awaiting the outcome of her appeal to nullify a 2017 non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed with Woods.

Herman initially filed the lawsuit against Woods’ estate in late 2022, claiming that he violated the Landlord Tenant Act by deceiving her into vacating his Jupiter Island mansion. She contended that she had an “oral tenancy agreement” with Woods, granting her the right to live in the house for five more years after their breakup.

While a hearing for the case was scheduled for August, the recent court filing on June 29 confirmed that the lawsuit had been canceled due to Herman’s dismissal. The document stated that the dismissal was made “without prejudice” pending the resolution of the appeal in Herman v. Woods and the determination of whether her claims are subject to arbitration.

Prior to the dismissal, Herman filed a second appeal challenging a judge’s decision to dismiss her lawsuit seeking to lift the NDA. She argued that Woods sexually harassed her, rendering the NDA void. However, the judge deemed her sexual misconduct claims as “vague and threadbare” and twice ruled that the case should proceed through private arbitration.

Herman signed the NDA in 2017 while she was an employee at Woods’ Jupiter Island restaurant, The Woods, and their romantic relationship began thereafter. Alleging that Woods pursued a sexual relationship with her while he was her boss, Herman claimed that it constituted sexual harassment, which she argued released her from the obligations of the NDA.

Woods has consistently denied the accusations against him and referred to Herman as a “jilted ex-girlfriend” in court documents. At present, neither party’s lawyers have provided further comments on the matter.


Source: New York Post

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