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The showdown between Tobi, Keni and Jasmine will be great tonight!

August 23, 2023

The showdown between Tobi, Keni and Jasmine will be great tonight.
All three – world record holder and world champ (Tobi), Olympic champion (Jasmine, Tokyo) and Olympic silver medalist and former record holder (Keni, Tokyo) – are championship performers.

Will their last world championship performances in Eugene Oregon tell tonight?

A sneak peek of the 2022 the first round heat in Eugene Oregon:

1. Tobi 12:40
2. Keni 12:60
3. Jasmine 12:50

Semis Eugene:
1. Tobi 12:12
2. Keni 12:27
3. Jasmine 12:37

Heat Budapest 2023:

1. Tobi 12:28
2. Keni 12:24
3. Jasmine 12:50


Tobi has had a torrid build-up to Budapest. Her heat result in Budapest is only 8 seconds up from her first round heat in Eugene last year? Though only Keni and Devynne ran faster times than her in the heat.


Can she do it as the world record holder and defending world champ?

Yes. But, she must work on her sluggish start from the bloc. She runs on Lane 7 in the Second Semis tonight. Time: 7:53pm Nigerian time.

The Budapest track doesn’t appear as a fast track, so world record may not be in prospect!

Go, Tobi Express!!


Source: AbdulMahmud01/Twitter

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