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The Arrival of Messi: How New York Red Bull Ticket Prices Have Soared from $46

August 23, 2023

Experience Leo Messi’s grand debut in the New York area for a price that rivals a lavish steak dinner at Peter Luger.

This Saturday, the Inter Miami CF match will showcase Messi’s inaugural appearance in the regular season of Major League Soccer. The demand to witness this event has sent ticket prices skyrocketing by nearly 1,000%, a staggering contrast to the usual rates for the New York Red Bulls.

According to VividSeats, a prominent ticket reseller, the average price for the upcoming game is a hefty $483. This stands in stark contrast to the regular cost of $46 for a ticket to an MLS match, played in Harrison, New Jersey, a mere half-hour from Manhattan.

Exploring VividSeats reveals that certain seats are commanding as much as $3,600 for the coveted front row. However, to secure these seats, one must purchase all four, resulting in a total expenditure nearing $15,000. Naturally, there are more budget-friendly options, with some seats priced as “low” as $345.

For the New York Red Bulls, Messi’s presence is generating unprecedented demand. A spokesperson from VividSeats informed CNN that Messi’s appearance is the “hottest ticket” for the Red Bulls in over ten years. The second most expensive ticket was for a friendly match with FC Barcelona in July 2022, costing approximately $270.

Since his entrance into American competition, games featuring Messi have seen a surge in ticket prices. The 36-year-old soccer icon has maintained an impressive streak since his arrival in the United States last month. Notably, he played a pivotal role in helping Inter Miami secure the Leagues Cup title last weekend, marking the club’s first significant triumph. The Leagues Cup is an annual tournament that brings together MLS and Mexico’s Liga MX.

As the season moves toward its conclusion in October, the pressure on Messi intensifies. This weekend, Inter Miami aims to climb out of the bottom of the MLS standings and potentially secure a spot in the playoffs.

The fervor surrounding Messi extends beyond the soccer pitch. Following his entry in July, Apple has witnessed a significant surge in subscriptions to its soccer streaming package. Similarly, Adidas reports an “unprecedented” demand for Messi’s jersey, leading to an order backlog until October.

Soccer.com, a prominent retailer, disclosed that the top eight best-selling jerseys on their website are all Messi-related, encompassing his Argentina kit and Inter Miami shirt. Impressively, the Inter Miami jersey has become the highest-selling MLS club kit across all US states, except for Vermont. Before Messi’s arrival, the Inter Miami jersey was the sole top-selling choice in Florida.


Source: CNN

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