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Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Downed Nigerian Air Force Helicopter

August 16, 2023








A well-known terrorist, Abdullahi Abubakar, alias “Dogo Gide,” has asserted his group’s involvement in the shooting down of a Nigerian Air Force helicopter during a rescue operation in Niger State on Monday.

In a video clip lasting two minutes and seventeen seconds, viewed and authenticated by a confidential security source and PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Gide’s fighters are seen celebrating the helicopter’s takedown. A voiceover in the clip details the sequence of events leading to the crash.

According to military officials, the helicopter crashed while attempting a casualty evacuation mission near Chukuba village close to Shiroro. The aircraft was en route to retrieve soldiers who had been ambushed and killed by the terrorists within the state.

A man speaking with a distinct Fulani accent in Hausa declares, “By the grace of God, these visuals show deceased Nigerian soldiers who attacked us with the intent to eliminate us.” He showcases the bodies of the fallen soldiers and the wreckage of the helicopter. The man emphasizes that their intent is not to kill indiscriminately but to respond to those who seek to attack them.

Using 47 rifles, the terrorists claim responsibility for bringing down the helicopter. They assert that their actions were driven by their beliefs and a desire for repentance among their opponents.

Dogo Gide, previously associated with the killing of notorious terrorist Tsoho Buhari in 2018, hails from Erana District in Niger State. His early criminal activities involved raiding villages and rustling livestock. His trajectory shifted after encountering Boko Haram and Ansaru members, who advised him to target government establishments and institutions, consistent with their ideology.

Collaborating with individuals like Ali Kawajo and Ansaru leader Malam Abba, Dogo Gide was involved in various abductions and attacks, reflecting the influence of Boko Haram, ISWAP, and Ansaru doctrines.

Source: Premium Times

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