April 21, 2024
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Simone Biles Makes History with Sixth All-Around Title, Cementing Her as the Most Decorated Gymnast Ever

October 6, 2023









Antwerp, Belgium – In a breathtaking display of resilience and skill, American gymnastics superstar Simone Biles secured her sixth individual all-around title at the World Gymnastics Championships, solidifying her status as the most decorated gymnast in history. The victory came despite a momentary hiccup during her floor routine.

Biles, who began her illustrious career in Antwerp a decade ago, made history by earning her 27th world championship medal, 21 of which are gold. This remarkable achievement surpasses the record previously held by Vitaly Scherbo.

The competition was fierce, with Biles facing off against the defending champion, Rebeca Andrade of Brazil, and her U.S. teammate, Shilese Jones. Biles’ flawless performance across the balance beam, floor, vault, and uneven bars earned her a total score of 58.399 points, outpacing Andrade by 1.633 points, while Jones claimed the bronze with 56.332 points.

This victory marked Biles’ remarkable return to the sport after a two-year hiatus, during which she focused on her mental well-being, following a challenging time at the Tokyo Olympics due to “the twisties.” Biles credited therapy, breathing exercises, and visualization techniques for her triumphant comeback.

Reflecting on her historic achievements, Biles stated, “I think it’s really exciting. But all in all, I don’t think it will hit me until I retire and then look back and see everything I’ve done.”

Despite a near-flawless performance, Biles did encounter a heart-stopping moment during her floor routine when she stumbled near the end. However, her remarkable recovery ensured that she maintained her lead and clinched the gold.

With the Paris Olympics on the horizon, Biles is back in peak form, leaving no doubt about her enduring dominance in the world of gymnastics. Her coach, Cecile Landi, described her as “like wine, she is better with age.”

Furthermore, Biles took pride in the diversity of the podium, emphasizing the message it sends to young aspiring gymnasts: “We had our Black podium of girls. So, hopefully, it just teaches all the young girls out there that you can do anything.”

As Biles continues her competition, the world eagerly anticipates her performances in the upcoming events, including the women’s vault and uneven bars finals, as well as the balance beam and floor exercise finals.
























Credit: AP

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