July 13, 2024
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Senior Pastor Responds to Devastating Church Fire at Household of David, Lagos

January 31, 2024










The Household of David Church in Lagos suffered a severe blow as its entire auditorium was engulfed in flames just hours before the anticipated ‘Mercy Conference.’ Senior Pastor Olusola Osunmakinde expressed the pain of witnessing the destruction, revealing that a mocking question about the presence of Jesus during the incident was hurled at him.

In a video shared on the church’s Instagram account shortly after the calamity, Pastor Osunmakinde recounted the sudden turn of events. The church, located on Surulere Road in the Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State, witnessed property worth millions of naira being consumed by the flames.

According to Amodu Shakiri, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Fire Service, the fire was ignited when the auditorium’s ceiling overheated, leading to its collapse. The ‘Mercy Conference,’ scheduled to commence on January 31, 2024, faced an unexpected setback as the church grappled with the aftermath of the fire.

Despite the loss of valuable items, including air conditioners, chairs, and equipment, Pastor Osunmakinde remained resilient, emphasizing that no lives were lost in the incident. He shared a message of gratitude, acknowledging that although it was a painful experience, the church would press on with the conference.

“We are not too discouraged, but we believe in God that we will still go on with the conference,” Osunmakinde stated. He addressed the mockery from an onlooker, saying, “We don’t owe people an answer; all we believe is that all things work together.”

The pastor called for prayers, contributions, and support in the face of this unexpected challenge. Determined to move forward, he declared, “Today’s meeting goes on this evening. If we have to lift our hands and worship outside, we will do it. We will not back out because of this, but by the grace of God, all things work together for good.”


Credit:  Instagram |  hodchurch

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