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Sam Asghari Initiates Divorce Proceedings from Britney Spears

August 17, 2023








Sam Asghari wasted no time following TMZ’s revelation of his separation from Britney Spears; he swiftly filed for divorce from Britney, his wife of 14 months, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the marital dissolution.

In addition to requesting spousal support and attorney fees, Sam’s legal representative, Neal Hersh, has hinted at potential contestation of the prenuptial agreement. This agreement, established when Britney and Sam tied the knot, designates Britney’s assets as separate property.

According to official documents, Sam is yet to ascertain the complete extent of both parties’ separate property assets and financial obligations. Furthermore, there exist elements of communal and quasi-communal assets and debts that remain unclear to Sam at present.








While it’s improbable that a judge would invalidate the prenup, insiders suggest that the matter might not even reach the courtroom. A source with direct knowledge indicated that Britney might opt to settle the issue by issuing a check to Sam, thus concluding the matter.

Sam indicates the separation date as July 28, 2023, as reported by ET when announcing the divorce filing.








As TMZ previously reported, Sam and Britney’s separation was triggered by a heated argument during which Sam alleged Britney’s infidelity. Sources describe the altercation as explosive.

source: TMZ

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