July 21, 2024
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Ron DeSantis Abandons Presidential Bid, Throws Support Behind Donald Trump Ahead of New Hampshire

January 21, 2024









DeSantis’ Bid Falters as Trump Support Surges; Former Presidential Hopeful Criticizes Nikki Haley and Faces Internal Challenges

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended his Republican presidential campaign just before the New Hampshire primary, endorsing former President Donald Trump. Despite early advantages, DeSantis struggled to gain traction, losing the Iowa caucuses to Trump and facing internal challenges, including layoffs and financial concerns.

In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), DeSantis acknowledged the majority of Republican voters favor giving Trump another chance. He criticized former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, his closest rival, and denounced a return to the “old Republican guard.”

DeSantis’ campaign, marked by technical glitches and staff upheavals, failed to connect with voters on a personal level. Financial challenges, including layoffs and reliance on a super PAC, further undermined confidence. As he exits the 2024 race, DeSantis refocuses on his remaining term as Florida’s governor.


Credit: AP

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