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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sparks Controversy with COVID-19 Ethnicity Theory

July 15, 2023








Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently made inflammatory comments suggesting that COVID-19 may have been manufactured to target specific races and ethnicities, including Jewish people. The remarks were captured on camera and published by the NY Post, causing widespread backlash.

During a dinner in NYC, Kennedy discussed bioweapons and shifted the conversation to the virus. He claimed that there is evidence supporting the idea that COVID-19 was designed to be “ethnically targeted,” citing studies that indicate certain demographics have been more severely affected.

Kennedy suggested that the virus was more prone to “attack” Caucasians and Black people due to their genetic makeup, while Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese individuals were supposedly more immune to it. While he hedged his statements by saying it’s unclear if the virus was intentionally designed this way, his remarks have been deemed antisemitic and racist by many.

Kennedy defended himself against the accusations, asserting that the NY Post misunderstood his comments. He clarified that he never suggested the COVID-19 virus was specifically targeted to spare Jews. Instead, he claimed to have accurately pointed out that governments are developing ethnically targeted bioweapons, and referenced a study suggesting COVID-19 disproportionately affects certain races due to genetic factors.

Despite his clarification, Kennedy faced significant backlash for his remarks, with many criticizing his statements and the potential harm they may cause.


Source: TMZ

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