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“Research Reveals Lagos Sinking Due to Climate Change, Urgent Support Required”

August 20, 2023







Lagos State’s proactive approach to climate change involves a targeted climate action plan, aiming for net zero emissions by 2050. Recently, a summit gathered experts, government officials, and stakeholders in Lagos to deliberate on climate change prevention and mitigation strategies for the state.

During the event, Prof. Adeniji Gbadegeshin, an environmentalist from the University of Ibadan, raised concerns about the state’s susceptibility to sinking due to global warming. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu expressed his administration’s dedication to collaborating with experts, organizations, and the global community to fortify the state’s climate resilience.

Speaking at the 2023 Annual Summit of the Association of Lagos State Retired Heads of Service and Permanent Secretaries (ALARHOSPS), with the theme “Climate Change: Man, Nature, and the Threat to Life: Lagos State as a Case Study,” Sanwo-Olu emphasized the importance of adopting a culture of resource reuse to reduce waste and combat climate change.

The Governor’s sentiment was echoed by Prof. Gbadegeshin, who highlighted the critical issue of climate change’s global impact. He urged the Lagos State Government to promote climate action in its development strategies to address threats like accelerated flood risk, emphasizing the urgent need to tackle climate change’s various harmful effects.

The alarming observation that Lagos is sinking due to climate change’s impacts, such as poor drainage and coastal flooding, underscores the urgency of collective action. In the face of these challenges, Lagos State’s commitment to mitigation measures and building climate resilience remains steadfast.

Source: Vanguard

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