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Qatar Announces Gaza Cease-Fire Set to Commence Friday Morning, Pledges Swift Aid Delivery in the Aftermath

November 23, 2023







Qatar announced a four-day cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, commencing on Friday morning, with a day’s delay attributed to finalizing details. The deal aims to release hostages held by militants and Palestinians imprisoned by Israel, offering relief to the war-torn region. While the truce initially faced a setback due to a one-day delay announced by Israel, both sides exchanged lists for release, with the first group, including women and children, to be freed on Friday afternoon. Qatar assures increased aid entering Gaza “as soon as possible.”

Escalating Toll in Gaza

In Gaza, the Health Ministry resumed counting casualties, reporting over 13,300 deaths. The figures, not distinguishing between civilians and militants, do not include updated numbers from the north, where communication broke down. With hopes of winding down the war, the truce faced challenges, with Hezbollah firing rockets from Lebanon after Israeli strikes. Prime Minister Netanyahu pledges to continue the war beyond the truce, aiming to dismantle Hamas’ military capabilities and end its rule in Gaza.

Cease-Fire Disappointment and Ongoing Challenges

The delayed cease-fire disappointed uprooted Palestinians in Gaza, hindered by Israeli control, preventing visits to damaged homes. The military revealed a Hamas hideout beneath Shifa Hospital, escalating the narrative battle. The arrest of Shifa’s director and the evacuation of the Indonesian Hospital raise concerns about the humanitarian situation. Israel threatens wider operations in southern Gaza, where over a million people face dire conditions in U.N.-run shelters.

Hamas’ Perspective and Humanitarian Concerns

For Hamas, the cease-fire offers a chance to regroup after apparent losses. Under the truce, 50 hostages will be released, with Hamas pledging 150 Palestinian prisoners in return. Families of hostages in Israel await their return, and Qatar emphasizes the cease-fire’s potential for increased humanitarian aid, including fuel. The lack of imports and fuel has caused a territory-wide blackout, amplifying the need for urgent assistance.


































Credit: AP

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