April 14, 2024
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Princess of Wales Undergoes Successful Abdominal Surgery – Expected to Remain in Hospital for Up to Two Weeks

January 17, 2024

Photo Credit: Sky News 


Kensington Palace Provides Statement on Royal Health, Plans for Recovery, and Temporary Pause on Public Duties

In a recent announcement from Kensington Palace, it was revealed that The Princess of Wales underwent planned abdominal surgery at The London Clinic. The surgery, deemed successful, will necessitate her stay in the hospital for an estimated ten to fourteen days.

The palace stated that based on current medical advice, the princess is not anticipated to resume public duties until after Easter. The decision aligns with her desire to prioritize normalcy for her children and maintain the privacy of her medical information.

Despite the temporary setback, the palace assured that updates on Her Royal Highness’ progress will be shared only when significant new information emerges.

In light of the situation, the princess expressed regret for postponing upcoming engagements and conveyed her eagerness to reinstate them at the earliest opportunity.

Sky News’s royal correspondent, Laura Bundock, reported that Prince William will be postponing several engagements to support his wife and children during this period. Additionally, the royal couple has decided to abstain from participating in any engagements abroad for the foreseeable future.

The return to royal duties for the princess will strictly adhere to medical advice, as emphasized by Sky’s royal correspondent.



Credit: Sky News

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