July 21, 2024
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Police Refute Allegations of Subsidy Palliative Theft in Katsina, Denounce Misleading Viral Video

September 18, 2023

The Katsina State Police Command has come forward to debunk claims of its officers being involved in the diversion of subsidy palliatives. A viral video circulating on social media depicted several police officers alongside a patrol vehicle loaded with bags of rice, appearing to engage in an argument with other individuals.






The video, shared by a social media user known as Optimistic Muhammed on the X platform, alleged that the police officers were “intercepted with stolen palliatives,” with the comment, “Katsina State Governor intercepted Police with stolen palliatives. What a country.”

In response to these allegations, Abubakar Aliyu, the command’s spokesperson, issued a statement on Sunday, categorizing the video as “misleading” and designed to tarnish the police’s reputation.

Aliyu clarified that the bags of rice seen in the video had been intercepted and recovered from an “unscrupulous entity” by the police after a thorough investigation. He explained, “After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the bags of rice seen in the video on the Police Motor Vehicle were intercepted and recovered from some unscrupulous entity that fraudulently obtained more than the necessary share of the palliatives and returned them to the venue of distribution.”

He emphasized that the video distorted the facts and attempted to exploit the positive efforts of the officers deployed to provide support, security, and ensure the smooth distribution of the palliatives.

The Katsina State Police Command firmly disavowed these claims, asserting them as entirely groundless and without merit. The command’s commitment to overseeing the fair and transparent distribution of palliatives remains unwavering.

Aliyu urged the public to exercise caution regarding misinformation that could undermine the police’s dedication to serving the community, maintaining law and order, and ensuring the equitable distribution of vital resources.”

Credit: The Cable

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