July 20, 2024
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Oprah Winfrey Addresses Promotion of Unsustainable Weight Loss Methods, Advocates for Body Positivity and Medical Intervention

May 11, 2024



In a three-hour live special for WeightWatchers, Oprah Winfrey addressed her past contributions to promoting unsustainable weight loss methods, acknowledging her role in perpetuating diet culture over the years.

“I have been a steadfast participant in this diet culture,” Winfrey stated during the special. “I’ve been a major contributor to it. I cannot tell you how many weight-loss shows and makeovers I have done.”

Reflecting on a pivotal moment from her iconic talk show, Winfrey expressed profound regret for promoting extreme weight loss through a liquid-only fast, symbolized by a red Radio Flyer wagon loaded with 67 pounds of fat. “It sent a message that starving yourself with a liquid diet… set a standard for people watching that I nor anybody else could uphold,” Winfrey lamented.

Joined by actresses Rebel Wilson, Amber Riley, and Busy Philipps, along with WeightWatchers CEO Sima Sistani and medical professionals, Winfrey led discussions on the brand’s evolution towards prioritizing overall health over mere weight loss. “There is no shame in getting medical help for weight loss,” Winfrey affirmed, emphasizing the importance of seeking support when needed. The group advocated for body positivity and emphasized the importance of seeking medical intervention for weight management, including the use of prescription medications like Ozempic and Wegovy.

Winfrey, who previously criticized weight-loss medications as an “easy way out,” revealed her own experience of losing 40 pounds with such medication, emphasizing the relief and redemption she felt in managing her weight healthily.

Addressing her departure from the WeightWatchers board of directors, Winfrey clarified her intentions: “I wanted to be able to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about… without conflicts of interest.” She underscored her commitment to transparency by donating all her shares to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Through her candid reflections and advocacy, Oprah Winfrey aims to promote a more inclusive and compassionate approach to weight management, challenging harmful narratives surrounding body image and encouraging individuals to prioritize their overall health and well-being.





Credit: Page Six

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