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Northern Coalition Expresses Concerns to Tinubu Regarding Imbalanced Appointments

September 19, 2023

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has expressed concerns about President Bola Tinubu’s recent appointments, suggesting they are skewed and neglecting the North, despite its support during the primary and presidential elections. In an open letter signed by spokesman Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the CNG highlighted the frustration, hunger, and anger among the population just three months into the new administration.

The CNG reminded President Tinubu of the Northern governors’ support that helped him secure the APC presidential nomination, even though some Northern politicians had reservations about a Southern president. They also emphasized the significant Northern support in the general election, with Northern Nigeria contributing over 60% of the votes.

However, the CNG urged the President to address the growing frustration and anger, implement policies to provide relief and restore hope, and listen to the people’s voices. They also called for fairness and equity in government appointments, irrespective of ethnicity or religion, emphasizing the importance of unity and progress.

On the topic of education, the CNG highlighted the high cost of school fees, which has caused hardship for students and their families, and called for action to ensure access to quality education without excessive financial burdens. They encouraged alternative funding methods for tertiary education.

Lastly, the CNG criticized the inadequacy of palliatives released to mitigate the effects of fuel subsidy removal, urging the government to reconsider and implement measures that genuinely alleviate citizens’ suffering without causing undue hardship.

Source: Nigerian Tribune


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