July 22, 2024
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Northern Civil Society Groups Protest Relocation of FAAN and CBN Departments to Lagos

January 22, 2024







In a press conference held in Kaduna on Monday, the Joint Action Committee of Northern Youth Associations (JACNYA) urged the federal government to reconsider relocating the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and key Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) departments to Lagos.

JACNYA emphasized the potential adverse effects on financial inclusion, stability, and security, expressing concerns about the violation of the federal character principle and the undermining of equal representation.

The group insisted that such relocations could breed dissatisfaction and urged the government to restore the status quo, emphasizing the importance of fair economic opportunities across regions.

The group further called for a reaffirmation of Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory in all government policies and programs, stating that any move away from Abuja would betray the constitutional spirit of unity and equity.


Credit: Arise TV

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