July 13, 2024
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Nigeria’s House of Representatives Approves Salary Increase for Judiciary

March 20, 2024

Nigeria’s House of Representatives has greenlit a salary increase for members of the judiciary, with Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) set to receive a substantial raise to N5.39 million per month. This decision comes following the presentation of an executive proposal by President Bola Tinubu, detailing the revised salary structure.

According to the proposal, additional judges of the Supreme Court will see their combined monthly salary climb to N4.21 million, while the President of the Court of Appeal is slated to receive a total package of N4.48 million monthly.

Similarly, judges serving on the Court of Appeal are entitled to a combined monthly remuneration of N3.73 million. The package also extends to various other judicial roles, including the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, President of the National Industrial Court, and others, who will receive a monthly compensation of N3.53 million.

This monthly package encompasses fundamental salaries along with an array of allowances such as car fueling and maintenance, personal support, hardship, entertainment, utilities, security, clothing, magazine subscriptions, medical coverage, service allocations, restricted lifestyle, shared responsibilities, and legal investigations.

This move aims to ensure a fair and competitive compensation structure for judicial officers.

Credit: Imran Muhammad/X

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