April 17, 2024
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Nigerians speak as Customs move to ban ‘Okrika’

June 9, 2023

Nigerian Social media users have reacted to the announcement of Customs Service of it’s intention to place a ban on the sale of second-hand clothes popularly called Okrika in Nigeria.

During a recent interview, Customs Service spokesperson Abdullahi Aliyu Maiwada said the sale of Okrika clothing is injurious to the country.

He said: “Okrika clothes are injurious to the health of the nation. That is why government deem it fit that it should be banned.

“One should be curious. Nobody knows how and who used these clothing. And most importantly smugglers desirous to turn Nigeria into a dumping ground. We should not accept it.

“We are a country well blessed with human and natural resources. Why will someone go and bring used products?”

Many reactions had since trailed the purported ban of the sale of second hand clothes in the country.

Adedayo Adebayo supported the move only if the prices of Nigerian made clothes be regulated.

He said, “If only the clothes or other substances created in Nigeria are readily available and cheap like the okrika ones then it should not be banned.”

Chinenye Esther challenged the decision, saying, “Who told them to decide for poor masses? Instead of making life easier they want to make it hard for us. Smh”

Benita Kovabel in her reaction wondered how she will cope if such decision is finally reached, adding “Like seriously How do I cope bayii”

Happy Onakpoma said, “I walk Nak3d from now on”

Ayo Mide, “See kuku Ban everybody from Nigeria I don tire self 🥺😁”



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