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Nigerian Tourism Minister Hospitalized in Abuja Due to Acute Poisoning: A Critical Situation Unfolds

September 29, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Lola Ade-John, the Nigerian Minister of Tourism, finds herself battling for her life in Abuja after falling victim to acute poisoning of unknown origin. Family members are anxiously racing against time to save her as her condition deteriorates.

Lola Ade-John, 60, was swiftly admitted to the Federal Medical Centre in Jabi as soon as symptoms of poisoning became apparent, according to sources close to the family. As of Friday morning, she has been at the hospital for four days, with reports indicating that she requires a breathing machine to assist her.

Details regarding the substance ingested and the circumstances surrounding the poisoning remain shrouded in mystery. Authorities, including the police and the State Security Service, have yet to confirm whether investigations have been initiated.

Adding to the distress, a disagreement has arisen within the family and the government regarding where Ms. Ade-John should receive treatment. The permanent secretary of her ministry, Ngozi Onwudike, has argued against transferring her to a private facility, citing the cost-effectiveness of the public hospital. However, the family insists on a move to a better-equipped private hospital downtown but faces financial constraints.

Ms. Ade-John’s appointment as a minister in August was a noteworthy departure from the political norm, as she had spent years in London before being called back to serve her country. Her sudden illness has left many concerned and awaiting updates on her condition.

Credit: Peoples Gazette


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