July 13, 2024
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Nigerian Medical Student Brutally Murdered in the Philippines by a Group of Chinese

October 22, 2023

A Nigerian student, identified as Ikem, was tragically murdered in the Republic of the Philippines, allegedly by a group of Chinese individuals.

According to Michael Ojuola, a close friend of the deceased, Ikem, a Nigerian medical student studying in the Philippines, fell victim to a brutal attack by a group of Chinese individuals. They reportedly tied his hands, covered and gagged his mouth, and subjected him to a severe beating, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

Ojuola passionately expressed, “This should never be allowed to be swept under the carpet, irrespective of the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China. This act is nothing short of inhuman and barbaric. The horrifying videos I’ve received from the hospital have left me unable to think straight.”

Ojuola also shared distressing videos of the aftermath of the incident, captioned with a heartfelt message, “RIP Ikem! No one should endure such a fate. As of now, no arrests have been made, and this young man’s brutal murder remains unresolved.”


















Credit: michaelojuola/X

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