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Nigerian Singer, Davido, Threatened: Paul O Steps Up with N5 Million Bounty for User’s Location

June 19, 2023

In a recent development, Nigerian talent manager Paul Okoye, also known as Paul O, has taken a bold step to address a disturbing incident on social media. After a Twitter user expressed a death wish towards popular Nigerian singer Davido, Paul O has offered a significant reward of N5 million to anyone who can provide information about the user’s location.

Paul O

The incident unfolded when the Twitter user, believed to be a devoted fan of Burna Boy, posted a video of a massive crowd waiting for Burna Boy in the Netherlands. In a shocking caption, the user implied that even Davido’s funeral, if it were to happen, would not attract as many people as the crowd depicted in the video, highlighting the overwhelming turnout.

Davido wasted no time in responding to the malicious post, expressing his confusion and questioning the motives behind such a hateful message. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Paul O took to his Instagram page to announce a reward of N5 million for anyone who could help locate the Twitter user. His intention was to seek clarification from the individual about the meaning and intention behind the disturbing tweet.

Paul O’s Instagram post read, “@davido, we need to find this guy!!! What is this??? I’m offering 5M!! to find this guy’s location just to explain this tweet.” The reward demonstrates his seriousness in addressing the matter and bringing the offender to account for their actions.


However, the Twitter user swiftly responded to Paul O’s announcement, accusing him of using the situation as a ploy to gain attention on social media. The user claimed that if Paul O genuinely wanted to find them, it could be done without creating unnecessary noise online. Furthermore, the user confidently stated that nothing would happen if they were located.


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