July 25, 2024
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Nigeria: Police Take Over Security at Kano Emir’s Main Palace, Displace Local Hunters

June 24, 2024




In a significant development, police have assumed control of the main palace of the Emir of Kano, displacing local hunters who had been guarding the reinstated Lamido Sanusi. This change follows the circulation of rumors suggesting that federal authorities intended to relocate Aminu Ado-Bayero amidst the ongoing emirship dispute.

The local hunters, known as ‘Yan Tauri’, were mobilized from across Kano State to safeguard the palace following Mr. Ado-Bayero’s removal by the state government last month. The deposed emir is currently under federal security protection at the Nasarawa mini palace.

On Sunday evening,  Premium Times  reported that a contingent of security agents taking over Gidan Rumfa, the main emir’s palace, where the hunters were previously seen engaging in card games and other activities. Attempts to reach Haruna Kiyawa, the police spokesperson for Kano State, for comments were unsuccessful. However, a security source at the palace confirmed the hunters’ removal.

“Did you need me to tell you that they (hunters) are no longer here? You can see it yourself; everyone has found his way,” a police officer at the palace remarked.

Local residents corroborated the account, stating that the hunters vacated the palace between Saturday and Sunday morning. This move followed a court ruling that invalidated the reappointment of Mr. Sanusi as emir on Thursday. Some hunters reportedly abandoned their machetes to avoid identification after being instructed to leave the palace or face potential consequences from security forces.

The recent court ruling by Judge Abdullahi Liman declared Mr. Sanusi’s reappointment null and void, citing the government’s failure to comply with a previous court order prohibiting any further actions under the Kano Emirate Council (Repeal) Law, 2024. The judgment has temporarily halted the implementation of the new emirate council law.

This decision is the latest episode in the protracted tussle over the Kano emirship, a position of considerable cultural and political significance in northern Nigeria. The situation remains fluid, with federal and state authorities maneuvering amid court orders and public sentiment.

The events underscore the complexity and sensitivity surrounding traditional leadership roles in Nigeria, reflecting broader themes of power, authority, and governance within the country.


Credit: Premium Times

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