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Niger State Governor Threatens Arrest of Protesters Opposing Teaching Hospital Location

September 27, 2023

Niger State Governor, Umaru Bago, has issued a stern warning to individuals planning to protest against his administration’s decision to establish the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Teaching Hospital (IBBUTH) in Minna, the state capital. The controversy stems from the state government’s choice to convert the defunct Shiroro Hotel in Minna into the teaching hospital, rather than locating it in Lapai, where the university is situated. This decision has sparked outrage among some students and Lapai residents, who are demanding that the teaching hospital be established in their local government area.










Governor Umaru Bago did not mince words when addressing the potential protesters. He referred to them as “little pests” and expressed hope that they would have the courage to carry out their protest. However, he issued a clear threat, stating, “But if they make their threats, they will know who Bago is. I will lock them up with their parents. There are no doubts about that. And after that, I will chase them out of Lapai permanently.”

The controversy surrounding the location of the IBBU Teaching Hospital has been a point of contention in Niger State. While the state government argues that Minna, as the capital city, is the logical choice for the hospital’s establishment, Lapai residents and some students believe that locating it in Lapai would better serve the university’s interests.

The threat of arrest by Governor Bago has raised concerns about freedom of expression and the right to protest. Many are closely watching how the situation unfolds and how both the government and protesters will respond.

The standoff over the location of the IBBU Teaching Hospital continues to simmer in Niger State, with Governor Umaru Bago’s warning adding fuel to the fire. The coming days may shed light on whether protests will materialize and how the state government will handle any demonstrations.

Credit: Imran Muhammad


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