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New York City Bishop Arrested on Federal Charges After Robbery During Livestreamed Service

August 16, 2023







Lamor Whitehead, a prominent bishop from New York City, has been taken into custody on federal fraud and extortion charges following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Whitehead gained attention after he was robbed of $1 million worth of jewelry during a live-streamed Sunday service. The indictment, originating in Manhattan, alleges that Whitehead deceived a parishioner out of approximately $90,000 from her retirement savings.

This is not Whitehead’s first encounter with the law, as he had previously served a five-year prison sentence for identity theft charges. Despite evading inquiries about the suspected fraud and extortion earlier in the year, the 45-year-old bishop maintained his innocence, admonishing reporters for addressing the matter.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed that Whitehead utilized the parishioner’s funds, which she believed were investments, for personal luxuries and other undisclosed purposes. Prosecutors also contend that the bishop extorted $5,000 from a businessman and subsequently attempted to solicit a loan of $500,000 from the same individual, promising favorable actions from the New York City government. These actions, however, were unattainable, as confirmed by the Department of Justice.

Notably, Whitehead claimed to share a close relationship with Mayor Eric Adams, referring to him as a “mentor, brother, and friend.” This connection has raised further questions about potential influence and associations.

In addition to the charges of wire fraud and extortion, Whitehead is accused of making false statements during an FBI search. The full scope of the case points to a complex web of alleged financial misconduct and deception.

Source: Blavity

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