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NANS want NASS to amend Students’ Loa

August 26, 2023

National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS Usman Barambu has called on the House of Representatives to amend the Students’ Loan Act to allow all Nigerian Students who desire loan to have access to them.

This is as they asked the House to include student representation on the board and capture Polytechnics and Collages of Education on the board instead of only National University Commission, (NUC) which was earlier captured.

Speaking at the Legislative Summit on Students’ Loan and Access to Higher Education held by the ad-hoc Committee on thursday in Abuja, the President of the Association, Usman Barambu said the criteria for access to loan in the current Act was too stringent adding that the method of payment of two years was too short and should be reviewed to at least four to five years.

He also suggested that the list of guarantors to access loans should be looked into, adding that most student will not be able to meet the guarantors requirement.

He said “student loan is for us and in the board there is no resentation on the board. The board only captured NUC sidelining the poly technic and colleges of education, they should all be included for fairness and equity.

“Also the method of payment should be looked into as most students are not able to find their ground financially two years after graduation, it should be revised to four to five years . The act also gives no room for forgiveness in cases of death especially for security officers, that should also be looked into”, he said.

Also speaking at the Summit, the JAMB Registrar, Professor Is-haq Oloyede who was represented noted that the Students Loans represent a turning point in the history of higher education in Nigeria in the 21st century.

Oloyede tasked the lawmakers on the feasibility of the loan covering other areas.

He stressed the need to review the Act to cover cost of other things beyond school fees as students now pay more for accommodation, feeding and transportation.

JAMB also canvassed the development of a conducive environment for the repayment of the loan even as it noted that the Act should be calibrated to factor in market instability, inflation pandemics and force major.

Speaking earlier on behalf of the Speaker of the House, Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, the Deputy Speaker, Rep Benjamin Kalu said that the summit which was aimed at addressing the issues emanating from the Student Loan Act 2023 – a law that promotes more equitable access to quality higher education for our children.

Kalu further noted that education is integral to the development of any nation, and no country can afford to toy with the future of its young


“The legislature, as you know, plays a crucial role in providing access to quality education in the country. Our role in this regard is multifaceted. It involves enacting laws and policies that govern education, allocating resources, and overseeing the implementation of these policies and laws as well as the utilization of appropriated funds”, he added.

Courtesy:Nigerian Pilot


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