April 21, 2024
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Hilda Baci clears N1.2M bill after taking friends out for thanksgiving lunch

May 22, 2023

Hilda Baci, a famous cook, earns accolades from her friends after taking them out for Thanksgiving meal and paying the N1.2M bill.

The chef who gained popularity after breaking the record for the longest cooking period started a commotion after making a gesture to her pals.

On social media, Hilda Baci’s friend Kimmy posted about their  cook-a-thon Thanksgiving celebration.

She disclosed that after the brunch, they were hit with a charge for N1.2M despite ordering food and beverages to their hearts’ delight.

They didn’t need to worry because Hilda was on their side, and she proved them right by paying the bill.

Reactions trailing Hilda Baci‘s lunch with friends.

Carson wrote: “27 take away pack 😂😂😂 omooo money good sha”

ighalo71Ose stated: “I will never be broke in my life..Amen”

Sexy Faith glam 💄 wrote: “I pause to go through the whole list 😳 I will never be poor”

Wade wrote: “Na this babes you wan give 10k ? 😂”

Niolastar penned: “i’ll never be broke in my life”

Odufua wrote: “Service charge 108k wow”

Annabella ❤️🌹💯 stated: “1.2😩 in ola of Lagos voice I will never be poor 😩”

Gigi noted: “2 snail N31000?? Maybe cos I’m not rich yet, so let me keep quiet.”

Idangangan said: “😳😳😳I will never be poor” 


















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